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Concrete Repair

Complete Repair Polymer Cement Overlays
What is polymer cement overlay? (PCO)
A PCO is a polymer modified cement mix that is used to repair and beautify existing, deteriorated concrete surfaces. Unlike other types of concrete repair systems where the repair often looks worse than the original problem, PCO beautifies the concrete while providing an extremely durable repair.
PCOs are available in 40-standard colors and can be chemically stained, stamped, or textured. This is a very versatile and effective system when compared to the expense associated with demolition, removal and replacement of traditional 4” thick concrete.
Polymer Cement Overlays
What type of projects can I use polymer cement overlays?

Any existing horizontal concrete surface, interior or exterior, that is pitted, scaled, cracked or otherwise aesthetically ugly benefits from a PCO. Architects love PCO on retail floor renovations because it is a cost-effective alternative to VCT, wood floors or carpeting. PCOs are used extensively around older, existing concrete poll decks, driveways, walkways and other hardscapes.

How do you apply polymer cement overlays?

Every successful PCO begins with a property-prepared concrete substrate. This means that at a minimum, the existing deteriorated concrete surface is degreased and acid etched. If there are other coatings on the concrete, (paint tile mastic, or glue) they must be mechanically removed either by a scarifier or a shot blaster. This will ensure a tenacious mechanical/chemical bond of the PCO to the concrete substrate. After this process, there are a number of ways in which the PCO can be applied:

  • Broom Ski Coat: in this application, two coats of the PCO are applied by a squeegee or trowel “as a grain of sand." Then simply pull a broom across the surface as you would when grooming traditional 4' concrete. YES! Even when applied as thin as a grain of sand, this is an extremely durable application and can withstand the harshest Texas winter.
  • Trowel-Down PCO: also known as "knocked-down," the PCO is sprayed with a compressor and hopper gun over a PCO skim coat. The sprayed PCO is then troweled, or "knocked down," to produce a colorful, smooth, yet slip-resistant surface available in any color. Approximate 1/16" to 1/8” thick. Looks great around pool decks!
  • Stencil-Crete Resurfacing System: this application involves first applying a PCO skim coat. Then 4' x 6' sheets of plastic stencils in stone, brick, or tile patterns are placed on top of the dried PCO skim coat. Once the stencils are in place, colored PCO is sprayed over the stencils, then knocked down. The stencils are then peeled up, and voila, color-textured patterns in brick, stone or file.
  • Stamped PCO: with this system you can achieve a surface similar to that of traditional stamped 4” concrete. You begin by applying a PCO skim coat. While the PCO is still wet you apply ¾” of colored PCO with a gauge rake. Smooth out the rake lines with a trowel and when the PCO is ready, begin stamping the PCO with the same stamps you would use with traditional 4” concrete.

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